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With our latest product, EasyThings Web ServerŪ, you can make your web hosting easier and safer. Find out how and download!

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Our latest news:

Finally: support for Java Server Pages is here!

03/19/2000 - Elena Senin - We have released:

  • our SAX-based XML, HTML and JSP parsers
  • preview version our new JSP engine (check out Products page)

Unfortunately, release of EasyThings Web Server is delayed due to serious bug reported against our RequestDispatcher implementation and additional work we are doing to ease migration of EasyThings Web Server to Servlets API version 2.2. We changed the design of server, which currenty supports Servlet API 2.1 to simplify migration to JSDK 2.1 and JSP 1.1. Release delayed to approximtely 2 weeks. Sorry about that.

03/11/2000 - Maxim Senin - Our new JSP engine is on the way. We completely rewrote it for high performance. This JSP engine is stable and fast, and we will include it into upcoming EasyThings Web Server release. Next release of the server will also include:

  • nonvaliating SAX-complient XML parser.
  • we also used this high-performance parser for our JSP engine.
  • bug fixes for HTTP service and servlets engine.

This release is planned for middle of March (most probably, March 18, 2000)

Stay tuned for latest updates!

01/26/2000 - Maxim Senin - Looks like Sun is trying to make JSP as close to XML as possible. Tell us your opinion. Therefore we decided to provide SAX-complient parser for XML, HTML and JSP, which will probably replace current parser API, and because it's faster, we will use it in our JSP engine. The parser is simpliest implementation of nonvalidating SAX-complient XML parser. Will be available soon. Stay tuned for latest updates!

12/17/1999 - Maxim Senin - We are proud to present latest version of the EasyThings Web Server(tm) with full JSP support.

12/05/1999 - Maxim Senin - New release includes caching HTTP proxy service.

11/06/1999 - Maxim Senin - We added support for Server-side includes! API now also incluses HTML parser. JSP support is on the way!

10/14/1999 - Maxim Senin - We ported EasyThings Web Server to JDK 1.1. Check out here...

10/10/1999 - Maxim Senin - We downloaded Sun's Secure Sockets standard extension early access implementation. We [probably] will use this API to implement https service.

10/03/1999 - Maxim Senin - JSP support is on the way

10/02/1999 - Maxim Senin - We planned adding FTP service, servlets chaining and GUI for EasyWeb. Latest API allows visual customizers for each service.

10/01/1999 - Maxim Senin - Added servlet aliases support to EasyWeb


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